MySQL Repair Tool

Dealing with one or the other below mentioned MySQL Issues?
  • Using multiple database application
  • Cannot create a temporary file for the result set in the temporary directory
  • Password fails when entered interactively
  • You can get error when there are too many connections
  • MySQL files frequently give error messages when there is not enough memory to store
  • Data stored in MySQL file becomes inaccessible to use

If "YES" then no doubt your MySQL file is corrupt /damaged and needs repairing. It is the only way to retrieve back data stored in the file. So, just download and use MySQL Repair Tool from below and restore all MySQL data in just few clicks.

mysql file repair tool

About MySQL Repair Tool

MySQL is the world’s most popular open source SQL database management system with million copies of its software which is downloaded or distributed throughout history. It has become the top most choice for web, Telecom companies, Web 2.0, ISV and also for the forward thinking corporate IT mangers because of its superior speed and ease of use and also it eliminates the major issues which is associated with maintenance, online application and downtime.

It is used by many largest organizations and fast growing companies because it helps to save time and money for their high-volume websites, packaged software and critical business systems which include many industries like Google, YouTube, Nokia, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. MySQL is a part of LAMP (Linux, MySQL, and Apache) which is the fast growing software of open source enterprise. There are many companies that use LAMP as alternative software stacks due to its low cost and freedom from platform lock-in. There is increasing number of MySQL users and many of the users are satisfied with MySQL. It is a Relational Database Management System to administer database or manage data contained within the database. It can be built and installed manually from source code. In a medium range, it can be scaled by deploying it on more powerful hardware such as multi-processor server.

How MySQL File Corrupts - Reasons Behind the Issue!

Corruption of MySQL is really embarrassing for people who uses the file on a regular basis. So it is important to know the reasons behind that issue so that it can deal with the situation in a better manner. Look below for the causes behind MySQL file corruption -

  • Damaged operating system.
  • Bugs in MySQL edition.
  • Damaged structure of the database metadata.
  • Damaged ibdata file.
  • Unknown Virus infection can damage your data and make it inaccessible.
  • Inappropriate or abrupt MySQL Server shutdown.
  • Corrupted .myd, .myi files or .frm.
  • Connectivity problem in establishing connection with the database provider.

How to Repair Corrupt/Damaged MySQL File?

Once your file corrupts, then repairing is the only option to get your data stored on it. Database is a collection of information. There are lots of database management systems (DBMS) among which the most popular ones are MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access and SAP. These set of applications can give you the opportunity to recover information from corrupted or damaged database. So it is better to go for MySQL Repair Tool which is powerful data recovery software for corrupted MySQl Server database files. In case sudden data base fails or reliable recovery of essential data is often life and death emergency and This Repair Tool meet these requirements very perfectly. This software saves retrieved information in Transact-SQL script which is fit for quick database recreation. And also it recovers table structure and data. This File Repair Software is easy to use and does not require any special skills. It supports MySQL versions like 5.x, 4.x, 3.x, 2.x and 1.x and available for all modern platforms which includes windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003 server. It has the ability to repair password protected SQL files smoothly. So without wasting time, you should download MySQL Repair Tool.

Features of MySQL Repair Software

    This section describes some of the important characteristics of MySQL Database Software which ensures you to run any event of database corruption including issues with database engine.

  • Recover corrupt Database - This software helps you to recover data from inaccessible tables without any changes to their original formatting.
  • Database recovery on Linux platform - This recovery software recovers MySQL database created on Linux computers.
  • Preview of objects after Scan - This software provides you to preview all the items which you want to recover.
  • Manual or Automatic Database Selection - This software gives you Automatic or Manual option so that you can choose your desired option and recover your items.
  • Repair Multiple Databases in One attempt - This software has the ability to repair database in a single operation and also ensures consistent results.
  • Searched Objects in Scanned Item list - This software provides with easy process to search for desired objects in list of scanned items.
  • Support and compatibility - This software supports files created in MySQL version and also runs easily on any windows platform.
  • Repairs InnoDB and MyISAM Tables - This software supports primary MySQL database engines and recovers table properties and keys of MyISAM and InnoDB Tables.
  • Customize user interface - With this software, you can perform various operations to customize the software to get the desired look and feel.
  • Works for all MySQL corruptions errors - This software does a good job of performing MySQL repair and you can be assured of consistent repair results.